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Great teams can change the world - achieving more together than they ever could alone. But team dynamics can sometimes be difficult, unproductive - and occasionally poisonous. While some groups create brilliant work during difficult times (The White Album?), most do not. A group workshop can be a highly impactful exercise, allowing your team to become more unified, productive and enjoyable.

Group workshops can be customised to suit the needs of your group or team. However, two worshops that work really well are ‘Values’ and ‘Strength-Based’ sessions.

Values Workshop

Connecting to your ‘why’ - your purpose - is probably the most impactful shift in thinking you can do as a team. Research by academics such as Simon Sinek and Adam Grant has shown that teams that are clear in their values and purpose are more united, productive and happier places to be.

Through a series of creative and interactive exercises we will create resonance around the shared values of the team - its unique strengths, outlook and role in the world. We will reconnect with the ‘origin myths’ of the group (how ‘the band’ got together in the first place) to reveal values, shared experiences, and build resonance to ensure the team can operate fully ‘on purpose’.

What will your team get from this?

  • A deep connection to the purpose of their work and their team values

  • New tools to help the team define strategy and choose between competing demands and strategies - a ‘values-based’ route map.

  • A clear action plan for team for the next week, 6 weeks and 6 months

A Values Workshop can be run as a half or full-day session.

Team Strengths Workshop

Using the Strengths Profile online personality assessments, a detailed Team Profile is created and revealed to your team. The strengths, weaknesses, learned behaviours and hidden talents of your team as a whole are vividly brought to life. We then use this data to create simple strategies for better working relationships both within and outside of the team.

After coaching your team through their strengths we set clear goals and priorities, building towards a Strengths-Based Action Plan. Your team will be left energised and ready to take on new challenges, armed with a much greater understanding of their strengths and collective talents. In particular:

  • They will have a greater understanding of, and empathy with, each other’s strengths, weaknesses and growth potential. They will know each other better.

  • They will each receive individual strengths plans, essential for building better connections and navigating disagreements or conflicting objectives.

  • They will create a powerful strengths-based strategy for action, aligned around team and organisational goals.

The Strengths Workshop can be run as a half-day session (and combined with a Values Workshop) or as a full-day session.