individual coaching

My Coaching Mission

My mission is to empower, energise and embolden you to change your life for the better. We use our coaching sessions to identify what is most important to you, where you want to go next, and how to get there.

As a coach and client, it’s important that we both are able to be ourselves. And when looking for a coach, do shop around (I recommend chatting to at least a few). Training in California has given me an honest and direct approach that helps get to the root a problem very quickly. And, living in the UK has helped me not take myself too seriously. The best way to try is through a free introductory session (and you can also read what previous clients have said about working with me).

How does Individual Coaching work?

  • First, after our initial call and signed coaching agreement, we meet face-to-face, spending a couple of hours together in the ‘discovery’ session. We uncover values, discover strengths and set clear goals, creating a solid foundation for the following sessions.

  • Then, we then meet by phone or video conference every 2-4 weeks, spending an around hour together for each session. In these sessions we work systematically through your aspirations, opportunities and challenges. We also address any issues that come up for you between our sessions. That’s where much of the real thinking work is actually done.

  • Finally, we complete, pause, or re-contract. We contract for a set number of sessions initially (for example, 6 or 12 sessions) and ‘complete’ at the end of these session. This allows us to measure progress and celebrate achievements. We then finish our work, pause, or re-contract for another period.


Following the Co-Active method of the Coaches Training Institute, I use Process, Balance and Fulfilment coaching techniques. This is based upon positive psychology principles (using the work of psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Martin Seligman and others) and the latest research into the neuroscience of coaching.

  • Process coaching allows us to explore deeply held emotions - to experience and learn from what is most real and present in the moment.

  • Balance coaching unleashes the power of perspectives and the impact of approaching life from a different angle. Multiple perspectives bringing new opportunities.

  • And Fulfilment coaching helps you imagine and create the better life - the life you have dreamt of.

Bringing all three strands together, we will uncover your values, explore your life purpose and draw on your 'best self' to create meaningful strategies and take real action. We will create stretching goals and enact strategies for achieving success in these and each session we discuss progress on your goals and assign actions to take this process forward. My role is to work with you to help unlock your most creative and forward-looking thinking. To uncover the strategies and solutions that will work best for you.

Strengths Profile

Once we have uncovered your values - discovering your strengths can be hugely impactful. Combining strengths and values work is the backbone of any coaching engagement,

An accurate strengths assessment not only helps you become more aware of your passions and abilities, it gives you an awareness of whether you are using them effectively. Strengths Profile is a highly effective online assessment tool for coaching teams and leaders. The survey has 180 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Once you have completed the survey, a Strengths Assessment Session provides a detailed understanding of your Realised Strengths, Learned Behaviours, Weaknesses, and Unrealised Strengths. During this debrief session the tool can also be applied to specific goals - both individual and team - to ensure the most effective use of strengths.