My Approach

My mission is to help people find more meaning in their work and greater purpose in their life.  I love working out what makes people tick, helping them understanding the motivations behind their behavior, and taking action to achieve their goals.

I studied with the NeuroLeadership Institute in New York, completing their certification program as a 'Brain-Based' Coach. In addition, I am a Certified 'Co-Active' coach, trained by the Coaches Training Institute, one of the most respected and rigorous coach training programmes in the world.

Following the Co-Active method I use Process coaching to explore deeply held emotions - to experience and learn from what is most real and present in the moment.

Balance coaching unleashes the power of perspectives and the impact of approaching life from a different angle. Multiple perspectives bringing new opportunities.

And Fulfillment coaching helps you imagine and create the better life - the life you have dreamt of. 

Bringing all three strands together, we will uncover your values, explore your life purpose and draw on your 'best self' to create meaningful strategies and take real action. We will create stretching goals and enact strategies for achieving success in these and each session we discuss progress on your goals and assign actions to take this process forward. My role is to work with you to help unlock your most creative and forward-looking thinking. To uncover the strategies and solutions that will work best for you.