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An accurate strengths assessment not only helps you become more aware of your passions and abilities, it gives you an awareness of whether you are using them effectively.  Strengths Profile is a highly effective online assessment tool for coaching teams and leaders. 

The survey has 180 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Once you have completed the survey, a Strengths Assessment Session provides a detailed understanding of your realized strengths, learned behaviors, weaknesses, and unrealized strengths. During this debrief session the tool can also be applied to specific goals - both individual and team - to ensure the most effective use of strengths.



For teams, the survey allows you to easily assess group strengths, learning and development goals, and address any gaps in the bench-strength of your team. For managers, the tool also provides an excellent report with top-line insights into each team member's strengths and opportunities for growth.

Take the survey or get in contact for a expert Strengths Assessment Session for you or your team.

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