Vision day

Imagine if you could take a day out to focus purely on where you are going - and what else you want to achieve in your life. Add to that a beautiful city, countryside, and a positive coaching experience that is both inspirational and action-oriented, and you have a Coaching Intensive Vision Day.

The Vision Day is a unique, deep-dive, coaching experience that provides an opportunity for leaders to take some quality, accelerated, thinking time out for themselves. Away from the distractions of the office you will gain clarity around what is next for you - in your leadership, work, career and life. The day consists of one full-day 121 intensive coaching, and a call 6 weeks later to follow up on progress and actions.  

On the day we will:

  • Identify and level-up your vision for yourself as a leader - your next chapter

  • Access fresh thinking around your most important issues and priorities

  • Explore your key strengths and develop a strengths-based action plan

  • Identify and address limiting behaviours, assumptions and blockages

The Vision Day is conducted in the UNESCO world heritage city of Bath, and takes place at one of the city’s boutique hotels. Over lunch, we spend some of our time outside - walking in nature, helping to expand your thinking and options for the future.

The morning consists of a series of exercises to stimulate visioning and hone the key questions you want answered. At midday, we will spend some invigorating time walking, focusing on values coaching. After lunch we work on your key questions for the future - creating a compelling, strengths-based action plan to take your vision forward. 6 weeks after your Vision Day we have a follow-up coaching call to review progress and discuss  next steps.

“Everyone should have a Vision Day, and preferably several, each at key points in their lives. We all need to be reminded of our strengths and our values, what grounds us and what drives us. This day with Jim does just that. But you will also ask yourself some challenging questions which will help you drive forwards. A great day.'“

Sam Smethers, Chief Executive, The Fawcett Society

“Jim helped bring clarity to my thinking and emboldened me to think more creatively. The vision day provided an opportunity to think strategically about my role and my future and gave me confidence to come away with a plan for next steps. He challenged me at the right moments and gently and persistently helped me reframe some of my thinking, enabling me to ditch the indecision and fears. Getting out of London to Bath was amazing – a change of scenery and a wise ear were just what I needed.”

Liz Gough,Publisher, Yellow Kite | Hodder & Stoughton