Why Coaching?

What is Coaching?

It is question coaches get asked a lot. Coaching is something that generally needs a qualifying descriptor (leadership, executive, life, career…) That can tell you who it’s for - but not what it is.

However you qualify it, the ‘what’ is the same - a coach works to improve your cognitive fitness just as a sports coach works on physical fitness. A fit mind allows you to know yourself better - the good and bad, to be more conscious in your actions, and have a much better sense in where you are going in your life. A coach will give you a process for true self-improvement and hold you accountable for the things you want to do. As a coach, my purpose is to enable you to live a fulfilled life - and for many it is a life transformed.

Leadership Coaching

I call myself a Leadership Coach and but I’ve coached a lot of people who wouldn’t call themselves leaders (as well as many who do). Leadership has a double meaning - it’s about leadership at work, but also about taking leadership in your own life. The difference between being a passenger and in the driving seat, deciding where to go. So a leader can be anyone - and everyone.

I work with individuals and groups through Coaching Intensive Vision Days - a specialised and hugely impactful form of intensive coaching, lasting a full day with additional pre-coaching work and a detailed 6-week follow up.

When is the right time for coaching?

It can come at any time, but coaching with me will help you accelerate the changes you want to make and navigate a wide range of challenges, including:

  • Finding your ‘why’ - revealing your values, rediscovering purpose and mission

  • Rebalancing your life - focussing on what matters most

  • Successfully managing change - resilience to deal with the good times, and the bad

  • Processing the present - experiencing and accepting difficult emotions and beliefs (particularly among family and loved ones)

  • The first 100 days in a new job - hitting the ground running and making an impact

  • Plotting your career progression - planning the next job, and the one after that

  • Being the boss everyone wants to have - building great teams

  • Understanding your strengths and realising your untapped potential

Coaching won't always deliver every answer - but as your coach I will always ask the tough questions to help you get the solutions you need.

What will I get out of it?

Everyone is different and, like anything, the more you put into it, the more you get out. My clients have typically reported the following outcomes:

  • Increased self-acceptance, expression, confidence and personal authority

  • Increased emotional intelligence and ability to navigate challenges more easily

  • Identification of limiting beliefs and creation of empowering beliefs

  • Clarity on personal and professional vision, movement toward that vision with practical actions

  • Improved relationships, both personal and professional, and influencing skills

  • Better understanding of self and others motivations, increased ability to develop others and expansion of leadership range

  • More effective communication, feedback tools and ways to handle difficult conversations

  • The benefit of time and space for self reflection and self inquiry

More than anything, it helps build mindful resilience - the strength to experience and appreciate whatever life throws at you. You can read some of my client testimonials here. 

It's my first time - what should I expect?

It's a real privilege to be someone's first coach. You can read my detailed guide for the first timer here.