I've had the privilege of coaching amazing people. You can read about some of them here:

"People throw around "life-changing" so much that its kinda lost its meaning - a life-changing movie, a life-changing burrito. But working with Jim has given me a completely new perspective on every aspect of my life, and my overall purpose. I came into the coaching relationship just looking for advice on the next career step, but came out the other side with a fully-rounded approach to all aspects of my life - my job, my family, my side-projects and my good deeds. This has led me to truly re-evaluate where I am, how I find fulfillment, and create a clear vision for the future."

Google Strategist

"I was a bit suspicious of coaching prior to working with Jim. Now I am a believer. Jim is insightful, constructive and supportive. When I felt like a million things in my life required attention, Jim helped me to find ways to both prioritize and let go. When I was feeling down about a series of challenges my company was facing, Jim guided me to deconstruct the issues and find genuine positives. Jim is unique in that he brings with him not just his coaching experience and open communication style, but also his empathy and understanding created from his background in the corporate world."

CEO, tech startup

"I was at an inflection point in my career, and working with Jim helped me to see much more clearly what was important to me, what most motivates me, and to gain the confidence in myself to pursue a new path.  It's very scary to take a leap, but thanks to Jim's insight and dedication to helping me uncover what I was most afraid of, I was able to bring my strengths and my priorities into sharper focus, and use them to guide my decisions.  I always looked forward to our time together, even when the conversations were challenging, because Jim is so easy to talk to and always made me laugh." 

New York-Based CMO

"Jim coached me during a phase of career change from international public administration to a private sector role when I felt the parameters of my professional life had turned upside down. He helped me focus on how I could apply my strengths to new and more fulfilling roles. Tapping on his own vast experience in different professional environments and different countries, he guided me through interviews and gave me priceless insights into the world of executive leadership recruitment in big companies. He is a smart and questioning sounding board and increased my self-awareness by showing me how to identify options, prioritize and gain new strength. It is really through him that I have found my own personal path into a new career.

San Francisco-Based european Diplomat

"The reason Jim is a great coach is because he truly cares about the people he works with. When someone is genuinely invested in your progress, you have the opportunity to grow rapidly by learning things about yourself that you didn’t know. The insights Jim has given me about my own motivations and aspirations have been eye opening to me, and have helped me through some of the biggest crossroads of my career – both high and low. Whenever I need to get grounded in my own thoughts and develop a plan of action, I call Jim. He’s able to look at the big picture and help me zero in on exactly what I need to accomplish, and how to do it."

tesla, communications